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How To Pay For Detox With Magellan Insurance?

Magellan Insurance Coverage For Drug Detox

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magellan logoMagellan Health is a U.S. health care company that offers behavioral health and specialty health care services. With a specialization in behavioral health care, 1 in 10 Americans relies on Magellan to provide substance abuse treatment benefits. The company maintains a network comprised of more than 77,000 mental health providers, many of whom specialize in addiction treatment.

Although substance abuse treatment is in high demand, many people don’t get the care they need because they do not understand their insurance benefits or don’t know how to maximize them for treatment purposes. The best way to verify and determine the extent of your coverage is to contact Magellan directly. However, at Briarwood Detox Center, we will gladly verify your health insurance benefits for detox you over the phone.

If you are one of the many Americans with Magellan health insurance, finding an affordable drug and alcohol detox program may not be as difficult as you might think. If you are struggling with substance abuse problems, your Magellan health insurance policy may cover a portion of your addiction treatment services at Briarwood Detox Center.

Simply call (888) 857-0557 or fill out the insurance verification form on this page and a Briarwood admissions specialist will contact you shortly. In addition to verifying your benefits, we will also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Magellan health policy coverage for substance abuse. If you have additional questions about how to get insurance to pay for drug detox, we can answer those for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Magellan Coverage for Detox

Will my Magellan insurance cover drug and alcohol detox?

Magellan specializes in behavioral health services and substance abuse, so the company provides many different insurance policies and programs that are designed to prevent and treat addiction and substance abuse problems. Most Magellan insurance policies will cover medically supervised drug and alcohol detox programs, which is what we provide here at Briarwood. Once we verify your health insurance benefits, we will be able to provide specific details about your coverage for drug and alcohol detox, as well as other addiction treatment services like drug and alcohol rehab, IOP, and behavioral counseling.

What types of detox does Magellan cover?

Most Magellan health insurance plans cover inpatient drug and alcohol detox, as well as many medications used during detox treatment, and dual-diagnosis treatment. Your Magellan insurance policy may also cover outpatient detox treatment.

How can I verify my Magellan insurance coverage?

You can verify your Magellan health insurance coverage by calling Briarwood Detox Center and speaking with one of our admissions representatives. We can complete a benefits verification over the phone in just a few minutes and the process is free, confidential, and does not require that you enroll in detox at Briarwood once it is completed.

Will anyone else on my insurance policy be notified if a verification of benefits is completed?

Your personal information and inquiries are safe with us and you never have to worry about anyone else on your health insurance policy being alerted when you request a benefits verification. The verification process is completely confidential.

Do I have to commit to treatment if Briarwood completes a verification of benefits for me?

If we verify your Magellan health benefits for you and you determine that Briarwood is not the right fit for your treatment needs, there is no obligation to complete detox treatment with us.

Do I have to pay to begin the admissions and insurance verification process?

No. The admissions process and insurance verification process at Briarwood is completely free.

If Magellan will not cover the full cost of detox, how can I pay for the remaining balance?

Depending on the Magellan health insurance policy you have chosen, the extent of your insurance coverage and the type of detox programs covered will vary. Generally speaking, most Magellan clients will need to pay varying co-pays and/or deductibles before Magellan will cover certain services. If Magellan will not cover the full cost of drug and alcohol detox at Briarwood, you have several other payment options, including HSA funds, privately financed healthcare loans, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits, or out-of-pocket payments.

What other benefits does Magellan offer for addiction treatment?

Depending on your individual policy, Magellan may cover a broad selection of addiction treatment services, including:

Our center is in-network with many insurances

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Call (888) 857-0557 to verify your benefits.

We Work Directly with Magellan to Verify Your Insurance Coverage

Asking for help when you’re struggling with addiction is often the most difficult part of the recovery process. Regardless of where you are or where you’ve been in life, we are here for you and we’re ready to walk with you through the first stage of your addiction treatment.

Here at Briarwood Detox Center, we understand that the cost of drug and alcohol detox can be a significant hurdle for many people seeking treatment for addiction. For that reason, we will do everything in our power to maximize your Magellan insurance benefits and provide affordable, high-quality treatment that will help pave the way for your long-term recovery.

Our confidential and free health insurance verification is just one way we make the whole process easier. It only takes a few minutes to complete the process and it by no means obligates you to enroll in treatment at our detox center. Once we complete the verification, if we find that we cannot meet your treatment needs, we will provide recommendations for high-quality care elsewhere because your recovery and well-being is our first priority.

If you’re ready to begin your journey to recovery, call Briarwood Detox Center today at (888) 857-0557. When you call, please have the following information on-hand to expedite the insurance verification process:

  • The name of your insurance provider
  • Your member ID number
  • Your date of birth
  • Your insurance company’s telephone number (this can be found on the back of your insurance card)

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