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When you are ready to begin your addiction treatment, detox is an excellent first step. At Briarwood, our experienced team of addiction treatment specialists is here to support and guide you by providing a simple admissions process and individualized detox treatment that will serve as a firm foundation for your sobriety. We accept admissions 365 days a year and enrollment begins with a simple phone call.

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1. Confidential phone screening – Whether you call in or fill out a contact form online, an admissions specialist will contact you to gather essential information about your drug or alcohol abuse and your personal treatment needs. The primary purpose of this initial phone screening is to ensure that our detox program is the right fit for you. If we find that it is not, we will assist you in finding the appropriate treatment resources. All personal information you provide during this phone call is completely confidential.

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2. Quick insurance verification – Once we have determined that Briarwood is a good fit for you, we will quickly verify your medical insurance over the phone. Please have your insurance card ready, as we will need the company name, your member ID number, your date of birth, and the provider’s phone number. Insurance verification only takes a few minutes and all information that you provide is confidential. If you do not have medical insurance or choose not to use it, we can give you information about alternative payment options such as using EAP benefits or an HSA to pay for detox.

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3. Admissions appointment – If you’d like to begin your detox treatment immediately, we will schedule an appointment for you to meet with our admissions staff and complete your intake paperwork. Once you have completed your paperwork, you will be evaluated by a nurse.

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4. Comprehensive medical exam – Before detox treatment can begin, you will also need to complete an in-person medical exam with our staff. This comprehensive exam is designed to assess your medical history, mental health history, current physical condition, and drug and alcohol abuse use history.

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5. Individualized detox plan – Our multidisciplinary team uses the information collected from your medical exam to determine an appropriate treatment plan for you. Your drug detox protocol will be continually updated as you progress through your program to ensure that your needs are being met. Your safety throughout this process is of the utmost importance.

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