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Briarwood Detox offers an executive detox program specifically tailored to clients who would like more privacy, connectivity, and deluxe amenities while in detox. We recognize that the unique needs of the modern client may make other detox programs unrealistic, but our executive detox program offers professional detox treatment in an environment that is designed to address the busy lifestyle and expectations of business executives or anyone who values extra comfort and privacy.

Executive Amenities: For Clients Who Demand Connectivity and Comfort

You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort and privacy to get sober. At Briarwood Detox Center, we offer confidential detox for executives with the following upscale accommodations and amenities:

  • Private rooms: Unlike traditional detox facilities that require several clients to share a room, our executive detox program gives you complete privacy with the luxury of a private room.
  • King size bed: To promote restful healing during your stay, we provide king size beds, as well as comfortable and clean linens and pillows.
  • Access to personal cell phone and computer: We understand that sometimes you just can’t put your life on hold. At Briarwood, you’ll have access to your cell phone and computer, so you can stay connected while detoxing.
  • Personalized meals: While you detox, you’ll also enjoy delicious and nutritious meals of your choice, prepared by select local restaurants.
  • Complete privacy: You can expect total discretion and anonymity while you’re in detox at Briarwood, so you never have to worry about coworkers or neighbors finding out about your treatment unless you decide to tell them directly.

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Executive Detox Caters to More Than Just Your Comfort

Individualized Detox Treatment

Detox at Briarwood is anything but a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, our on-staff doctor and clinical team work together to create a personalized professional detox program for each client to rid the body of all addictive substances. Our team will use the results of a comprehensive physical assessment to design a detox program that is tailored to the client’s individual needs.

Enhanced Comfort and Safety

The comfort and safety of our executive detox clients is our top priority. We use medication-assisted treatment to gradually taper clients down into a stable and sober state. Our medical team is onsite 24/7 to provide round-the-clock monitoring and the highest quality care possible.

Upscale Accommodations

There’s no need to endure detox in a cold and impersonal medical facility. Clients of our executive program complete detox in a warm and welcoming environment, complete with upscale amenities, for an experience that encourages healing and restoration.

Personal Recommendations for Ongoing Addiction Treatment

Professional detox is just the first step in a comprehensive addiction treatment program. We provide personalized recommendations for rehab and aftercare to help you continue your recovery with the next step. In making recommendations, our treatment team will consider your personal lifestyle, schedule, budget, and treatment needs for a well-balanced and realistic approach to long-term recovery.

Who is Executive Detox Designed for?

Our professional detox program for executives is designed with a wide range of clients in mind. Examples of clients who might benefit from this detox program include:

  • CEOs and business executives
  • Legal professionals
  • Professional performers
  • Politicians
  • Anyone who has a well-established career
  • Anyone who needs additional discretion and privacy while in detox


Free Yourself from Addiction and Start Detoxing Today

If you’re seeking a detox program that is tailored to your busy lifestyle and schedule, look no further than Briarwood Detox Center. We provide the highest-quality detox for working professionals with a welcoming environment and confidential detox that is designed to meet your every need. Call (888) 857-0557 today to speak with an admissions representative about our executive detox program. Our admissions process is quick, easy, and completely confidential.

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