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Briarwood Detox Center in Austin offers a certain quality of care you won’t find at other detox facilities. We know it’s been a long time since you’ve been treated as a person rather than an addict, but that ends here. You’ll be respected and cared for by our staff for the minute you walk in, with access to the highest quality medical and clinical care available and all the comforts of home.

Completing a drug or alcohol detox program at our Austin detox center is just the start of regaining your life back and overcoming your alcohol or drug addiction. Our individually-tailored programs are private, safe, and they greatly reduce your risk of relapse by providing a solid foundation for sobriety. Although physical abstinence from drugs and alcohol is an essential part of recovery, the process is very much emotional and spiritual as well. At Briarwood, you’ll receive multi-disciplinary treatment to address the physical and psychological aspects of detox, for a whole-person approach to lasting sobriety. This includes 24/7 medical supervision for safety, pain management and on-site medical care .

Our commitment to quality care is reflected in the beautiful facility that we offer our clients. Briarwood’s tranquil location is designed to provide the utmost comfort in a welcoming environment that is conducive to the healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Simply put, our mission is to provide the highest quality care possible to support you as you make the life-altering decision to get sober.

A Holistic Detox Program That is Individually Designed To Treat Your Needs

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Home-Like Accommodations for a Restful Stay

While other detox facilities can be cold and impersonal, our lodge is warm, inviting, and equipped with wonderful amenities that will make you feel safe and comfortable. You’ll enjoy the following amenities here at our facility in Austin:

  • Indoor and outdoor lounge/seating areas
  • Spacious semi-private rooms
  • Single platform beds with built-in storage drawers
  • Bedside tables
  • Delicious chef-prepared meals
  • Living room with comfortable seating and a flat-screen TV
  • Tranquil outdoor areas
kitchen at Austin detox center

Attainable High-Quality Detox Treatment

We understand that it’s not always easy to drop everything and go to detox in Austin. We are here to support and help you through the transition into sobriety by breaking down as many treatment barriers as possible.

Our goal is to make drug and alcohol detox care available for those who need it most, by providing immediate openings, offering transportation to and from our detox center, and working with most health insurance companies to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Our experienced team of admissions professionals is also available to explore alternative options with you such as Employee Assistance Programs. We will work directly with you and EAP representatives to create an appropriate treatment plan that addresses your needs and fulfills all EAP and employment requirements.

Austin detox bedroom
Austin detox kitchen
Austin detox patio
Austin detox center

100% Privacy Protection, Guaranteed

Your recovery journey and medical details are yours to share or keep private. At Briarwood Detox Center, we listen to your wants and needs. If you need to keep your medical and treatment details completely confidential and private from family, friends, and employers (current or future), we guarantee 100% privacy and confidentiality.

Our staff strictly adhere to all HIPAA rules and regulations to protect your privacy and personal rights. Doing so allows us to provide the most comprehensive and personalized care possible. Don’t let the fear of your medical details going public keep you from the care you need. We are here for you when you’re ready and can answer any questions you have regarding privacy.

Conveniently located in North Austin

Briarwood Detox Center is located just one mile south of Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. Our facility offers a safe and serene environment where individuals can relax and spend time adjusting to a lifestyle of sobriety under the care of our experienced medical staff. The area also has mild, pleasant weather throughout most of the year, which helps create the perfect environment for individuals to begin making positive changes in their lives.

Briarwood is located just 30 minutes north of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and offers an easy commute for clients who are flying into the area for detox treatment.

11711 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX78753
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Have More Questions About Drug Detox? We Have Answers.

How long does it take for your body to detox?

Most of our clients spend 5-7 days detoxing at Briarwood. However, several factors affect the duration of withdrawal. If you want to know how long drug detox will take for you, we can provide you with a better estimate once we complete an assessment to gather more information.

What happens during detox?

First, we will complete an assessment to determine your treatment needs and the severity of your addiction. Then, we will use that information to design a personalized detox program for you. Once detox begins, we will safely manage and treat your withdrawal symptoms in a comfortable and private setting. Meanwhile, you will receive 24/7 medical care and clinical therapy to help you work through the psychological side effects of withdrawal and any mental health issues. In addition, you may also attend group therapy sessions, H&I meetings, and participate in music and art activities if you are physically able.

What’s the quickest way to detox?

Self-detox regimens and detox kits sold online may claim to help you detox faster. However, detoxing from alcohol and drugs on your own at home is dangerous. Most importantly, not receiving prompt professional medical detox treatment can make withdrawal symptoms more severe and longer lasting. Consequently, the most effective and safest way to detox from drugs or alcohol is with a medical detox program.

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