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Drug and alcohol detox is often the first step in the recovery process. It gives your body a chance to heal from the damaging effects of substance abuse and allows you to re-balance physically and emotionally.

Our detox center in Houston, Texas is a welcoming, safe place to begin your recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. Our experienced and friendly staff will ensure that you are comfortable and treated with the utmost care and respect. From the moment you enter our facility, you’ll receive nothing less than the highest quality medical and clinical care available.

We provide round-the-clock medical care, psychiatric care, and individual counseling to accurately assess your physical and emotional state throughout the detox process. This enables us to guide you through the first stages of your recovery and provide realistic and effective recommendations for treatment moving forward.

Individually-Tailored Holistic Detox Programs for Sustainable Recovery

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What Amenities Are Offered During Drug Detox in Houston?

Our beautiful detox center in Houston, Texas is designed specifically for your comfort. Our ample amenities reflect our commitment to quality care and individualized treatment by providing an environment that fosters true healing and rest. Our Houston detox center offers the following amenities to enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual healing as you begin your addiction recovery journey.
  • Spacious semi-private rooms
  • Single platform beds
  • Bedside tables
  • Outdoor lounge/seating area
  • Quiet neighborhood
  • Personalized meals

living room at Houston detox

Superior Detox Treatment That is Accessible to Everyone

We want to make sure that detox treatment is easily accessible and available to those that need it most. We do this by offering immediate openings for clients, providing transportation to and from our Houston detox center, and working with most health insurance companies to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

Our admissions team is also willing to explore other options, such as Employee Assistance Programs, to ensure that you get the treatment you need. We work directly with clients and/or EAP representatives to design an appropriate treatment plan that will meet your needs and fulfill all EAP and employment requirements.

individual detox therapy

How Is My Privacy Protected During Drug Detox?

We understand that you may want to keep your medical details completely private from family, friends, current employers, and future employers. At Briarwood Detox, we work diligently to keep your personal and medical information 100% private while adhering to all HIPAA rules and regulations that are designed to protect your personal rights.

Our commitment to complete and total privacy gives us the ability to provide comprehensive and individualized care to meet your needs without compromising the security of your personal medical details. You can feel safe coming to us for your addiction treatment needs.

Our Location

Briarwood Detox Center is located in Houston’s Greater Heights area, about 20 minutes northwest of downtown. Located in a safe and desirable area of the city, this facility is ideal for clients who are seeking medically assisted drug detox and stabilization without having to travel outside of the city limits.

Houston, Texas boasts warm, balmy weather throughout most of the year, providing an agreeable environment in which clients can relax, rest, and restore their bodies to a state of stability and sobriety in preparation for rehab or ongoing addiction treatment.

Our Houston location is also just 40 minutes northwest of William P. Hobby Airport and 30 minutes south of George Bush Intercontinental Airport for clients who are traveling to Houston for treatment.

1019 Ashland St
Houston, TX 77008

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Our Caring, Highly-Qualified Staff Awaits You

Leadership Team

Fred Wilson, MD
Adol and Adult Psychiatrist

Colleen Culton,BS, LCDC
Executive Clinical Director

Elizabeth Khan, FNP-C
Director of Nursing

Jason Powers, MD
Addiction Medicine Specialist

Tabatha LaMere
Operations Manager

Medical Team

Christina Galvan
Licensed Vocational Nurse

Sharon Williams
Licensed Vocational Nurse

Nicolle Hawkins
Licensed Vocational Nurse

Gina Miranda
Licensed Vocational Nurse

Ronaysha McKinney
Licensed Vocational Nurse

Clinical Team

Rita Kent, LCDC

Michael Rivers
Recovery Advocate
Nicholas Darrow
Recovery Advocate

Nilda Garcia
Recovery Advocate
Shanjuan Stein
Recovery Advocate

Shauntel Jacobs
Recovery Advocate

Have More Questions About Drug Detox? We Have Answers.

How long does it take for your body to detox?

Most of our clients spend 5-7 days detoxing at Briarwood but many different factors affect the duration of withdrawal. If you want to know how long drug detox will take for you, we can provide you with a better estimate once we complete a comprehensive assessment to gather more information.

What happens during detox?

Before your detox program, we will complete a comprehensive assessment to determine your treatment needs and the severity of your addiction. We will use that information to design a personalized detox program for you. Once detox begins, we will safely manage and treat your withdrawal symptoms in a safe, comfortable, and private setting. You will receive 24/7 medical care in addition to clinical therapy to help you work through the psychological side effects of withdrawal as well as any mental health issues you may be experiencing. You may also attend group therapy sessions, H&I meetings, and participate in music and art activities if you are physically able.

What’s the quickest way to detox?

Self-detox regimens and detox kits that are sold online may claim to help you detox faster, but detoxing from alcohol and drugs on your own at home is dangerous. Not receiving professional medical detox treatment promptly can exacerbate withdrawal symptoms and the discomfort may linger longer. The most effective and safest way to detox from drugs or alcohol is with a medical detox program.

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