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Choosing a detox center isn’t easy and there are a lot of factors to consider. However, making the choice to get help is very courageous and we are here to help! Drug and alcohol detox is the first step in the recovery process and it paves the way for a life that is free from substance abuse and addiction.

Our Mission

The mission of Briarwood Detox is to provide safe and comfortable medical detox programs that stabilize each client so they are both physically and mentally prepared to participate in the next stage of recovery.

Our Facilities

With inpatient detox centers in both Austin and Houston, we are able to help many people who are suffering from the disease of addiction. Our detox facilities are designed to feel like home so clients can relax, rest, and heal. In addition, clients can always expect a safe and clean treatment environment, as we maintain national accreditation from well-known organizations in the addiction treatment industry.

Our Staff

Our drug and alcohol detox programs are based on proven addiction treatment methods, including strategies and principles that encourage quality of life. Our staff is made up of caring and experienced addiction treatment professionals, counselors, and coordinators. They have the experience and expertise to encourage trust and instill the values associated with the addiction recovery process for every client.

Our Promise

  • Quality – We view our detox programs as the foundation for successful long-term sobriety. In addition to guiding you through each step of the detox process, we also want to help you move forward after addiction so you can begin your new life. With our mission in mind, we design high-quality medical detox programs that address your full scope of needs. We use a multidisciplinary approach to achieve the best possible outcomes in recovery.
  • Affordability – We work with many different insurance providers to make sure detox treatment is affordable for those who need it most. With a free, fast, and confidential verification process, we can quickly determine your coverage and maximize your insurance benefits to the fullest. We know that insurance can be confusing, but we make it easy for you to use your insurance to pay for detox.
  • Privacy – We understand your need for privacy during detox treatment and all of our detox programs provide a high level of privacy and security. We diligently comply with HIPAA regulations and will never disclose any of your personal information unless you give us written consent. We even offer an Executive Detox Program in Houston for clients who prefer private rooms, access to a personal computer, and other deluxe amenities.
  • Personalized care – Our individually-designed detox programs are tailor-made to ensure your success during detox and also long after you leave our facility. We provide personal recommendations for addiction treatment after detox and we will even oversee the transition process. Our goal isn’t just to get you sober and send you on your way. We want to see you thrive in recovery and establish a life that you can be proud to live.

If you have additional questions about who we are, we are available to answer them. Please call (888) 857-0557 to speak with a member of our admissions team.

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