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Recreational Experiences for Clients in Detox

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Sometimes it can be difficult to express certain emotions or fears during treatment in drug detox but doing so is an important part of the healing process. At Briarwood Detox Center, we’re proud to offer recreational experiences that cater to each client’s individual needs in detox. By offering art and music activities to our Houston and Austin clients, we can engage every client in a way that works best for them and effectively facilitate the healing process. Not all detox centers offer art or music activities, but we find that our clients greatly benefit from this expressive and therapeutic work.

Music and Art Activities at Briarwood Detox Center

  • Briarwood Detox in Houston – Our Houston clients participate in art activities at least three times each week and the experiential work is facilitated by staff RAs. Specific activities vary but may include group drawing projects, which allow clients to create spontaneous drawings together. We also offer live music biweekly on Fridays which is performed by H&I meeting speakers.
  • Briarwood Detox in AustinArt activities at our Austin location occur at least three times a week and are facilitated by staff RAs. Clients may participate in group drawing projects, among other artistic activities. Our Austin location also offers weekly musical meditation groups, which gives clients the opportunity to add a new dimension to their meditation practice and promote a positive mental state.

What is the Purpose of Art Activities?

Art activities during detox involve drawing or completing other artistic activities to encourage self-expression and help clients process issues related to their substance abuse. Although each client is different, many people find that drawing is the best way to express their feelings and emotions. The use of artistic activities alongside other treatment methods greatly enhances a detox program and has been scientifically proven to provide many benefits for people in recovery from addiction.

What is the Purpose of Music Activities?

Music activities during detox may include playing musical games, improvisation, meditating to music, listening to music, or analyzing lyrics. In listening to music and engaging with it in other ways, clients in detox can relax and express their emotions in a healthy way. Music not only works to combat feelings of anxiety and depression, but it may also help clients associate music with sobriety instead of substance abuse, which is often the case.

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Benefits of Music and Art Activities in Drug Detox

  • Helps clients process issues related to their addiction(s)
  • Provides a means of creative self-expression without having to use words
  • Improves communication skills
  • Breaks down emotional barriers
  • Helps clients resolve internal conflicts
  • Reduces denial and shame
  • Increases motivation to participate in treatment
  • Provides an enjoyable and creative therapeutic experience

Behavioral Therapy vs. Art and Music Activities in Drug Detox

Behavioral therapy is a more structured treatment method that helps clients modify their behaviors, attitudes, and emotions regarding substance abuse. During detox, individual and group therapy is largely used to help clients deal with current thoughts, emotions, and other psychological issues they may face as they adjust to sobriety. This type of therapy is also used later in treatment during rehab to help clients learn how to deal with cravings and navigate high-risk situations. Types of behavioral therapy used in addiction treatment often include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), family therapy, and contingency management.

At Briarwood, we offer behavioral therapy in group and individual settings in varying intensity, depending on the needs and the physical abilities of the client during detox.

What’s the difference between behavioral therapy and art or music activities in detox? Behavioral therapy offers clients an incentive to change their behavior while experiential activities like art and music provide an outlet for the expression of personal experience and emotion. 

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