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We Offer Detox and Stabilization From Addictive Substances

At Briarwood Detox Center, we provide specialized, medically-assisted detox at a convenient and serene location. Our facility provides individualized detox programs that are tailored to address your needs and prepare you to fully engage in your recovery. We offer individualized detox treatment plans for a variety of addictive substances. Our medical and clinical staff consists of caring addiction specialists who are well-versed in the latest evidence-based addiction treatments for all substances. Your journey at Briarwood starts with a comprehensive assessment which is used to create your supervised detox program. Our medical staff will monitor your withdrawal at all times and administer medication as necessary to ensure your comfort and safety. During detox, you’ll also receive support from our therapeutic team with individual and group counseling. This helps address emotional responses to detox and prepare for the next phase in your recovery.

Why Choose Briarwood for Your Detox?

We provide the highest levels of comfort and safety available. Meeting the physical, emotional and wellness needs of you and your family is our top priority. Our comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol detoxification improves your success rate and your chance for lifelong sobriety.

Your detox program at Briarwood isn’t just a quick route to getting clean—it is the first step in an extensive treatment program that will empower you with the tools you need to break free from the paralyzing grip of addiction and lead a life that you can be proud of.

Additional Support Services

Our one-of-a-kind detox programs bridge the gap from detox to rehabilitation and aftercare. Before enrolling, our admissions team can help you verify your insurance benefits with your insurance provider. After detox, we will also provide recommendations for ongoing addiction treatment and help you enroll in a drug and alcohol rehab program that is sustainable for you. Choosing a life that no longer involves substance addiction is monumental. Call (888) 857-0557 and let us help you get started today.

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