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Getting Detox Help for a Family Member

Convincing a loved to go to drug detox is not always easy and finding the appropriate type of detox help for a family member only adds to the challenge. At Briarwood, we understand this struggle and many of our staff members have been there before. In an effort to lessen the burden, we are happy to provide intervention assistance to potential detox clients.

Getting detox help for a family member is often challenging for a few different reasons. Most often, the addicted person:

  • Does not realize that he/she has a substance abuse problem
  • Does not want to admit that he/she has a substance abuse problem
  • Believes that he/she can get sober without treatment
  • Is scared to go to treatment
  • Thinks treatment doesn’t work due to past experiences that were negative

Whatever the case may be, in order to successfully get detox help for a family member, you may need to plan an intervention for your loved one before and/or after detox treatment to ensure they get the proper treatment they need.

What Is an Intervention?

If your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, he or she may not realize the damage their addiction is causing. If you’ve never had to deal with addiction in the family before, you may not know how to help an addicted spouse or loved one, let alone know where to even begin. In instances like this, an intervention may be an ideal way to address your loved one’s substance abuse problem.

An intervention is a carefully planned process in which close family members and friends confront an individual about their addiction problem and present them with an opportunity to change their lifestyle before things get worse.

There are two primary goals of an intervention: to get a loved one to admit that they need help and to convince them to enroll in a treatment program right away. An intervention meets these goals by presenting the addicted individual with clear examples of behaviors that have harmed the people in their life, providing a clear plan of action for treatment, and outlining specific consequences each person will enforce if the person does not accept treatment.

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Professional Interventionists

At Briarwood Detox Center, our staff can provide much-needed assistance to help you get your loved one to accept the treatment they need. If required, we may step in personally to address your loved one and family, but in most cases, we will connect you with a professional interventionist that we trust.

An interventionist is a person who is educated and trained to hold effective interventions. Our recommended professionals all have the necessary credentials to lead families in this endeavor and are trusted, experienced experts. Interventionists possess a number of skills that can help you and your family navigate this delicate process.

  • An interventionist can utilize various intervention techniques to most effectively reach your loved one.
  • An interventionist can help you determine the best time to host an intervention based on your circumstances.
  • An interventionist will facilitate the process by working with your family members and friends to prepare for the intervention and then conduct it.
  • An interventionist can help you practice communicating effectively with your family member to encourage them to accept help.

We match our clients with professional interventionists based on their individual circumstances and financial ability to make sure your loved one can get the help that he or she needs.

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