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Detox programs at Briarwood Detox Center consist of specialized treatment plans that meet the needs of your individual recovery. Just as detox programs must be adjusted for different substances, we believe that the best results will be found with an addiction detox plan that is designed just for you. We find that this approach results in much higher program completion rates than many of our competitors’ detox programs.

Our Process

After meeting with our detox specialists for a comprehensive assessment, we will determine the extent of your treatment needs and create a personalized detox program for you. Throughout the course of your detox, our clinical staff will use proven, evidence-based treatment and medications to relieve the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms you may experience when you stop using drugs and/or alcohol. During this time, you will also begin the first steps of drug rehabilitation, which could include group sessions, individual therapy or personal assignments.

While our clinical staff monitors your health round-the-clock and makes changes to your program as needed, our skilled therapy team will also help you understand and manage your emotional responses to treatment. This helps prepare the way for a genuine, lasting lifestyle change.

Each of our addiction detox programs is designed to address your overall physical, emotional and spiritual wellness to decrease the likelihood of relapse and encourage ongoing rehabilitation. We strive to meet you where you are by providing the most thorough treatment available, preparing you for the journey through rehabilitation, aftercare and lifelong recovery.

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