What Comes After Detox?

Ongoing addiction treatment options for lasting recovery

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Addiction detox is the first step in the journey to lifelong recovery. Throughout this process, our medical team and addiction specialists will help you reach a comfortable state of physical and mental stability so you can fully engage in the next phase of rehabilitation. Upon completion of your detox program, we will help you determine the next best steps and walk you through the admissions process.

The Importance of Long-Term Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

The longer you participate in rehab treatment and aftercare, the more likely you are to maintain your sobriety for life. Long-term drug rehabilitation programs help prevent relapse by providing the support, education, and skills necessary to succeed. A life of addiction is not sustainable, but rehabilitation offers a new way of living by providing the following things:

  • Self-understanding and discovery. Enrolling in a rehab program will allow you to peel away the outer layers and uncover the root causes of your addiction. Addressing these issues in a healthy way leads to a deeper understanding of yourself and the ability to truly experience full freedom from addiction.
  • A safe place to be sober. Rehab serves as a distraction-free environment, far away from negative influences. This gives you time to focus on your recovery instead of spending all your efforts simply trying to stay afloat.
  • Life skills. During rehabilitation, you’ll work your way through the 12-Step Program in conjunction with several other specialized treatments. This approach provides the education and skills necessary to identify harmful patterns, address triggers, and make the day-to-day decisions that will enable you to remain sober.
  • Community support. By immersing yourself in a supportive community with others working toward the same goals, you are building a solid foundation for a sober life. This foundation is built on honesty, accountability and effective communication.

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Long-Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Options

After you complete your detox program, we will recommend a course of rehab treatment and aftercare that will be most effective and sustainable for you. This may include:

Long-term Residential Treatment

Clients admitted to a long-term residential treatment are housed in a comfortable facility that feels like home. On-site medical and therapeutic support is available 24/7. This type of rehab program consists of individual and group counseling, educational lectures, family support and other specialized therapies to address all aspects of addiction recovery. Long-term residential treatment programs last at least 90 days, but the timeframe will depend on each client’s needs. [Read more]

Intensive Outpatient Care (IOP)

This program is designed for those who have successfully graduated from long-term residential treatment. Clients are allowed more personal freedom with IOP, as it helps bridge the transition between residential inpatient care and outpatient care. Individuals continue to expand their knowledge of addiction, life skills and coping techniques through regular group sessions at a convenient, safe facility. [Read more]

Online IOP

We are proud to offer a convenient online intensive outpatient program (IOP) for drug and alcohol addiction. Online IOP offers secure and effective treatment in the privacy of your own home or elsewhere, so you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere, putting your education on hold, or risking your employment due to an extended absence. Those obstacles don’t have to keep you from living a fulfilling life in recovery. You can get the same intensive level of care, support, and structure with our online IOP program. [Read more]

Sober Living

Sober living programs remove the temptations of harmful living environments to help people transition to independent living. Clients will live in a structured sober living home with other individuals in recovery. This provides a sense of community and accountability that aids in practicing healthy routines, encouraging others and refraining from substance abuse. All residents are also part of an addiction monitoring program for additional support and accountability. [Read more]

The staff at Briarwood Detox Center is always available to talk to you about your options for long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation. If you have more questions about what comes after detox, please call (888) 857-0557 to speak to an addiction recovery specialist today.

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