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Primary Objectives for Individual and Group Counseling in Detox

Individual and group counseling is an essential aspect of each comprehensive detox program at Briarwood. The frequency of participation in detox counseling is different for every client and will be based on individual needs. Our main goals for your time spent in counseling are as follows.

Focus on the present.

As you progress through your detox program, you’ll most likely experience a lot of different emotions. Your detox counselor and recovery specialist will help you work through these emotions with honest individual discussion and process groups with your peers. This may also help you begin to uncover some of the experiences and perceptions that have influenced your substance abuse.

Address unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors.

While medically-assisted detox addresses the physical symptoms of addiction, the counseling aspect of your program is designed to help you achieve a greater sense of self-awareness and recognize unhealthy behaviors. During therapy sessions, you’ll learn more about addiction, how it affects your body, and also begin to explore new ways of living that can lead to long-term sobriety and overall wellness.

Provide additional education about detox and recovery.

Our staff of addiction treatment experts can answer any questions you have about withdrawal, psychological responses to detox, long-term effects of substance abuse, recovery treatment and more. Our emphasis on addiction education provides valuable insight into the physical and emotional changes you’re experiencing in detox.

Prepare for entry into rehab.

One of the primary components of drug and alcohol detox is also to help prepare you for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The potential for relapse or overdose after detox is very high without the support and education provided in long-term rehabilitation, and detox on its own will not provide lasting recovery. A long-term addiction treatment care plan is what will provide lasting results. At the completion of your detox program, your multidisciplinary treatment team will provide personal recommendations for your ongoing care.

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At the completion of your detox program, your multidisciplinary treatment team will provide personal recommendations for your ongoing care.

What to Expect at Briarwood Detox Center

At Briarwood, you’ll typically meet with your detox counselor once a day and attend one clinical group session each day as well. The frequency of these sessions is not set in stone and is fully dependent on your needs.

Individual sessions – The primary focus of your individual sessions is to talk about specific problems you’re having. Sometimes an issue may feel too personal to discuss in a group session. In this case, an individual session with your counselor would be a great time to discuss this. Individual sessions are also used to discuss plans for discharge and recommendations for ongoing treatment based on your needs and circumstances.

Group sessions – Process groups during detox are designed to explore different people’s perspectives and provide support and feedback in a safe and confidential environment. During this time, you are encouraged to share concerns and struggles related to detox and substance abuse. Your counselor will also provide a great deal of chemical dependency education in these group settings.

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Staff Qualifications

Our detox counselors and recovery specialists are experienced, trustworthy and reliable. You can fully depend on us to provide quality care and expert guidance throughout your detox program. Your treatment team will always treat you with the respect and care you deserve so you can feel comfortable trusting us to help you reach a sober state, learn how to stay sober after detox, and continue working to achieve your sobriety goals.

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