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What To Expect From Our Detox

A Simple Guide to the Drug and Alcohol Detox Process at Briarwood

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When you are ready to begin your addiction treatment, detox is an excellent first step. At Briarwood, our experienced team of addiction treatment specialists is here to support and guide you by providing a simple admissions process and individualized detox treatment that will serve as a firm foundation for your sobriety. We accept admissions 365 days a year and enrollment begins with a simple phone call. If you’ve never been to detox before, here’s what you can expect from our detox programs.

What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is a type of addiction treatment program that allows the body to cleanse itself of all addictive substances while nurses and doctors safely manage withdrawal symptoms. People complete detox programs at detox centers so that they can withdrawal from drugs and alcohol safely and comfortably with medical supervision. Generally, detox is the first stage in the addiction recovery process.

During detox, the addictive substances exit the body and the brain gradually adjusts to the sudden drop in chemicals. When this happens, a person goes through what is known as “withdrawal.” This is characterized by a set of uncomfortable symptoms and the process can be quite physically and emotionally intense, which is why a medical detox program is recommended.

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What to Expect During Inpatient Detox at Briarwood

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  1. Admissions Process

The admissions process at Briarwood Detox is quick and easy. We offer immediate openings, provide intervention assistance and referrals, and we can also arrange travel accommodations when necessary to ensure that you can get to our facility.

We are in-network with most insurance providers and offer a free and confidential benefits check over the phone. If you do not have insurance, we can also explore alternative payment options such as using HSA funds or accessing an Employee Assistance Program.

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  1. Health and Physical Exam

Upon arrival at Briarwood Detox, you will be greeted by our staff and escorted to a private area to begin the intake process. This process varies in length, but it normally lasts about an hour. You can expect to complete a urine and drug screen test, breathalyzer test, provide information about your drug abuse history and complete some paperwork.

All of the information you provide during this process is completely confidential and we will use it to design a personalized detox program that is tailored to your needs, based on your presenting symptoms and condition.

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  1. Detoxification Process and Withdrawal

Following the initial screening of your condition, you will also complete additional assessments to assess your physical and mental health. As you withdrawal from the drugs in your system, we will provide round-the-clock medical care, clinical monitoring, and supervision.

Briarwood Detox is connected to a network of medical providers who can prescribe detoxification medications to assist with withdrawal symptoms and our nurses may carry out tapering protocols depending on your circumstances and the doctor’s orders. Your comfort and safety during drug and alcohol detox are always our priority.

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  1. Therapeutic Treatment

In addition to receiving medical care, you’ll also meet with your detox counselor daily and attend one group therapy session each day. The frequency of these sessions will vary depending on your needs and ability but the overall purpose of clinical treatment during detox is to adequately address your emotional response to withdrawal and prepare for the next phase of your treatment.

Additional recreational activities such as musical meditation, group drawing projects, H&I speakers, and live music events are also available during detox for interested clients.

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  1. Transition to Drug Rehab

Immediately after your detox, we will recommend that you transition to one of our addiction treatment programs, such as our residential rehab program or intensive outpatient program.

Enrolling in an addiction treatment program right away will help reduce your risk of relapse and provide continued professional and peer support as you adjust to a new lifestyle of sobriety. In rehab, you’ll learn more about addiction and recovery, make behavioral changes, and gain life skills that will empower you to sustain your sobriety long-term.

Our center is in-network with many insurances

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Call (888) 857-0557 to verify your benefits.

How Long Does Inpatient Detox Last?

Depending on the person, the situation, and the detoxification type, inpatient detox can take anywhere from 3 to 14 days. Although it’s impossible to predict exactly how long detox will take or how severe your withdrawal symptoms will be, the following factors play a role:

  • How long you’ve been using the drug(s)
  • How you used the drug(s)
  • If you used any other addictive substances simultaneously
  • How much of the drug(s) you took each time
  • Your physiological makeup (metabolism and genes)

If you use multiple drugs (also known as polydrug use), it’s very important to disclose this information to our staff, as it will affect the type of withdrawal symptoms you may experience and their severity and duration.

See our timeline for common drug withdrawal symptoms.

What Drug Addictions Are Treated With Inpatient Detox?

Many different drug addictions can be treated with inpatient detox. At Briarwood Detox Center, we provide detox programs for all addictive substances including: 

  • alcohol
  • methamphetamines
  • opioids/opiates
  • cocaine
  • heroin
  • synthetic drugs
  • prescription drugs.
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What Privacy Options Are Available During Drug Detox?

We offer spacious shared rooms as well as individual rooms for clients who are enrolled in our Executive Detox Program in Houston. All of our detox programs take place in our private facilities, which provide shared living spaces where clients can connect with peers as well as quiet, individual spaces where they can retire and rest.

Start Your Sober Journey Today With the Help of Briarwood Detox Center

No matter where you are in your addiction or recovery, the compassionate and caring staff members at Briarwood Detox are available to help you. Within the doors of our detox center, you are safe, cared for, and always treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Call (888) 857-0557 today to get started or for more information about our detox programs in Austin and Houston.

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