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Detoxification Services

Briarwood Detox provides a safe, comfortable inpatient detox and stabilization program for men and women struggling with substance abuse.

When you call, we will walk you through insurance verification, travel arrangements, intervention recommendations and more. We’ll also help you understand what to bring with you for your stay at Briarwood Detox.

Health and Physical Exam

Upon arrival at Briarwood Detox, you will begin the intake process, which varies in length based on the situation, but normally lasts about an hour an includes: Urine and drug screen test, breathalyzer, drug abuse history, and any other necessary paperwork.

Detoxification Process

Depending on the person and the situation, as well as the detoxification type, inpatient detox can take anywhere from 3-14 days. Following intake and assessment of your situation, we will let you know how long you can expect to spend in our detox program.

Detoxification Medications

Briarwood Detox is connected to a network of medical providers who can prescribe detoxification medications to assist with withdrawal symptoms. Your comfort and safety during inpatient detox is our first priority.

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