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What is Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

Intensive outpatient services for drug and alcohol addiction is a very effective way to transition from inpatient to outpatient care. It also works well for individuals who can’t remove themselves from their home life, work or school to spend 90 days in a long-term residential treatment center.

While some outpatient addiction treatment programs only last a few weeks, intensive outpatient programs provide eight weeks (or more) of continued support. This allows for more extensive and comprehensive recovery support.

Instead of being housed in a residential center, people enrolled in IOP programs meet several times a week at a convenient location to attend group and individual counseling sessions. These frequent meetings provide the consistency and accountability needed to make real, lasting changes.


Benefits of IOP

  • Flexible treatment options. IOP gives you the ability to live life while you pursue recovery. Whether you’re a parent, a student or a professional, you can work toward your goals of sobriety without neglecting your other obligations.
  • Opportunities to apply relapse prevention skills every day. IOP also provides ample opportunity to apply the skills you’re learning in everyday life. With outpatient treatment, you may also have more support at home from family and friends who can help keep you accountable.
  • Develop long-term supportive relationships with others in recovery. Intensive outpatient care also gives you time to establish a community support group full of individuals sharing similar struggles and life experiences. This community is a safe place where you can be open and vulnerable while exploring personal issues with others in recovery.
  • Lower cost. Oftentimes inpatient residential drug and alcohol rehab is more expensive than outpatient rehab. IOP treatment is typically a lower cost option because you don’t need to pay for room and board.


What to Expect

Intensive outpatient programs blend specialized therapies and treatment modalities to address all aspects of addiction recovery — from daily social interactions and internal thought processes to the science behind addiction. These activities include:


Individual Drug Counseling

Regularly meeting with an addiction recovery specialist allows you to address personal issues, discuss changes in your thoughts and behaviors and discuss your ongoing progress. Your counselor will also help keep you accountable to the personal goals you’ve set for your recovery.


Group Counseling

Counseling in a group setting will involve experiential therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and contingency management to help you reinforce positive behaviors in your life and gain a better understanding of yourself. The application of 12-step facilitation therapy also reinforces three main principles of lifelong sobriety: acceptance, surrender and active involvement in a community of other individuals in recovery.


Educational Lectures

Informative lectures are intended to educate individuals on addiction and how it affects the body while also encouraging productive conversation about applicable life skills and struggles that are faced on the journey to lifelong sobriety.


Paying for IOP Treatment

The cost for intensive outpatient services for substance abuse may be covered by your insurance company. We recommend contacting the treatment facility for details regarding insurance benefits or low-cost payment plans. You may also want to refer to your insurance policy for details on your available coverage.

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