Why Traveling for Detox Treatment May Be the Right Choice for You

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Updated on August 10th, 2020

Choosing a detox center can be an overwhelming process for both clients and their families. There are countless factors to consider, from the quality of treatment and amenities to payment options, and more. Although the prioritization of these factors will be different for everyone, it may help if you take the following considerations into account before making your decision.

Detox Center Considerations

Although it may be tempting to enroll in the first program you find that accepts your insurance benefits, if you’re truly interested in pursuing lasting change, you should consider asking yourself or your loved one the following questions.

Will the detox center provide the best opportunity for long-term success?

While it’s easy to prioritize convenience when searching for a detox center, it’s important to note that the most convenient option may not provide the best opportunity for long-term success. According to the Principles of Effective Treatment published by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, addiction treatment should be fluid, meaning it should continually be modified and changed to address your changing needs.1 Many drug detox centers offer a one-size-fits-all solution to substance dependence, but a detox treatment program that is designed specifically to meet your needs will provide much better results and a more positive experience overall.

Does it offer the highest quality treatment available?

Characteristics of a high-quality alcohol and drug detox program include evidence-based treatment therapies and practices, consistent medical monitoring, individual and group counseling, and options for ongoing treatment at residential or outpatient rehab facilities. Quality drug and alcohol detox programs should also address coexisting conditions (such as anxiety, depression, HIV/AIDS, etc.), address all of your wellness needs (physical, emotional, and psychological), and provide a varied integration of continued services for a long-term treatment plan.2 If a detox program does not offer these things, you should move on to other options.

Can detox treatment begin immediately?

Can you get into a detox center the same day you enroll or the day after? If not, you may want to continue searching for a detox center with an immediate opening. Deciding to enroll in a drug and alcohol detox program is often a difficult choice to make in the first place, so it’s important to get started quickly before you talk yourself out of it. Additionally, the earlier a chronic disease like addiction is treated, the more likely you are to have positive outcomes.1

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    What Are the Benefits of Traveling for Detox Treatment?

    Many individuals who decide to travel to a detox center for treatment won’t fully see the benefits of it until they get there. Before enrolling, it’s normal to feel unsure about beginning a treatment program that’s far from home, but there are several reasons why it might be the best choice.

    • It’s harder to give up – When you’re enrolled in a treatment program that is far from home, it takes much more effort and coordination to leave. On the contrary, enrolling in a detox center that’s right around the corner from your house would make it all too easy to leave once things got challenging. Logistically, the more hurdles you have to jump through to give up, the less likely you are to do it. Drug and alcohol detox may not always be easy, but if you can fully commit to completing it, you will experience its full benefits.
    • There are fewer distractions – Your hometown is likely full of people, places, and memories that could end up distracting you from your sobriety goals. Completing your alcohol and drug detox at a facility that is far from the reach of these triggers will provide some relief as you work to focus on your mental, physical, and spiritual health elsewhere.
    • A new place offers a fresh start – A change of scenery is often more conducive to a new lifestyle, making it easier to adopt a new mindset, new daily habits, and healthier goals for your life. You won’t have to fight to avoid the triggers associated with your home. Instead, you can focus all that energy and effort on becoming a healthier, better version of you. You’ll also be surrounded by people who are struggling with addiction or have previously struggled with it, just like you. This provides a sense of belonging and may help you relax in a new environment.

    Safe and Private Drug and Alcohol Detox in Texas

    Texas is a great place to begin your recovery journey while you complete a private medical detox program. With mild weather year-round and comfortable, welcoming residential facilities, Briarwood Detox offers safe and effective drug and alcohol detox with privacy and space to heal.

    Our Texas detox centers are located in Houston and Austin, offering safe and convenient accommodations for people who are seeking a sober and stable life. All of our detox programs are tailor-made to fit your needs.

    • Houston drug and alcohol detox – At Briarwood’s Houston drug detox center in the Greater Heights area, we provide individualized alcohol and drug detox programs, including an executive detox program, which provides deluxe amenities and enhanced privacy options. All of our detox programs are managed and facilitated by licensed addiction treatment professionals and include pharmacological and clinical treatment, such as one-on-one therapy and group therapy.
    • Austin drug and alcohol detox – Briarwood’s Austin drug detox center is less than a 30-minute drive from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and our staff provides convenient shuttling to and from the airport for out-of-state clients. Our Austin location also offers personalized drug and alcohol detox programs with round-the-clock clinical and medical treatment from licensed professionals. Clinical programming also includes individual and group therapy, as clients are able.

    H&I meetings and music and art activities are also a regular part of our detox programming at both of our locations. 

    With Briarwood, you can be sure that you’re receiving quality care, as our Texas medical detox centers are accredited by national organizations and provide evidence-based and research-based detox treatment for addiction. Our programs are covered by most insurance providers and our holistic approach to detox treatment opens the door to whole-person healing and a strong foundation in a new life of sobriety.

    Ready to Start Your New Sober Life? Detox Is Just the Beginning

    According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug and alcohol detox alone does little to curb addiction and provide lasting change. Therefore, a high-quality detox center should always offer access to and resources for continued care programs such as:

    Research has shown that long-term addiction treatment is more likely to provide positive results. In addition, addiction recovery is a long-term process and often requires multiple treatment services to achieve lasting results. While you are searching for a detox center, maintaining realistic expectations about your recovery journey will also help you choose a facility that will provide the treatment you need.

    If you have questions about Briarwood Detox Center and our individualized detox programs, please call to speak to an admissions representative today.


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