Get Back to Work with Confidence After Rehab

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Get Back to Work

with Confidence After Rehab

Is your work-life balance astray? Is your drug addiction affecting your work and personal life? You need a rehabilitation program to assist you to get back to your life.

From Briarwood Detox Center, we provide safe and secure rehab programs to people who’re looking for a permanent de-addiction from all sorts of drugs. At the end of our detox sessions, you will step out as a new person, heading back to your normal life and work.

Get Assistance for Your Detox

Many people are trying out home detox methods for de-addiction from drugs. It is appreciable that they try, but the process seldom works out. The detox period takes a lot more time than you think. Sometimes weeks and sometimes even months. It is definitely not a two, or, three-day process where you can get rid of the drug traces in your body.

What you need is professional assistance for detoxing your body. At our center, we provide you with the best medical, psychological and physical assistance during your rehab. Our doctors and professionals constantly monitor your body and help you to stay as comfortable as possible.

As you know already, detoxing is a painful process, the withdrawal symptoms can kick in any minute and if you do it alone in your home, you might experience severe discomfort without anyone there to help you. Hence, it is advisable you get it done in a rehab center.

Employer Paid or Insurance Paid Treatments

If you are worried that you might miss out on your work during the rehab period, you can always get admitted with a paid leave. Many employers even fund such a program. And, you can even claim your insurance to cover up your rehab costs. This way you can lose the fear of losing your job and be more relaxed during the rehab period.

At our Rehab center, we provide safe and secluded spaces for people to relax. No gadgets like cell phones, or laptops are allowed. However, you can also ask for an executive space where you can spend minimal time catching up on your important work.

Live in Sober Homes & Become Independent

To be completely free of drugs, you will need to isolate yourself from your previous lifestyle habits. This means making a complete change in your schedule. Of course, this isn’t possible if you stay at home and attend an outpatient rehab program.

What you need to do is, visit a rehab center and enroll yourself in the residential rehabilitation programs. These programs are usually up to 90 days long. During this period, you can learn to create a new life for yourself, a life free of drugs, but full of mindfulness and confidence.

Build Confidence & Get Back to Your Work

Once you’re through this period, you can go back to your normal life as a new person. You will be a new man, full of confidence and stamina. You will notice your productivity increasing as you stay sober from now. A full recovery is what you will have done by then.

If you’re ready to get help with overcoming your addiction, we offer detox programs in Austin, Houston, and Colorado Springs. Call (888) 857-0557 to speak with an admissions representative or contact us online today.

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