How Music & Art Helps You to Stay Sober

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How Music & Art

Helps You to Stay Sober

Music is played in a coffee shop or in a concert but what relevance does music have in a detox home? How will it help me to stay sober? Why is art portrayed as therapy and will it be effective in fighting my addiction? These are some of the most common questions in the minds of people who are in rehab around the United States. 

The short answer is yes. Both music and art are important in addiction treatment and successful and sober life.

Music as a Therapy

Music has therapeutic properties that are not completely understood or utilized by the modern world. Many Eastern cultures and native American cultures still consider music as an integral part of their lives.

When you hear a happy & hip song, you invariably shake your legs and move, even if you are sitting on a chair. Similarly, a sad song could slow you down from doing whatever that you are doing. Similarly, playing music or conscious listening to music all have a different effects on our mind and body.

Music Reduces Tension & Pressure

Even when you listen to music, you can see a stark difference in your mindset. It helps you to stay positive. It reduces the mental pressure and keeps you stable. At the same time, it gives an emotional balance and prevents you from falling prey to negative impulses. 

If you play any instrument like a guitar or drum, it makes you feel good about yourself. This feeling of good keeps you away from harmful drugs or alcohol. That is why at Briarwood Detox, we emphasize the power of music and provide Music Therapy for our clients.

Music as a Tool of Expression

Most people who fall under addiction do so due to various other reasons such as personal problems or personal inhibitions. It could be hard to express yourself when you are constantly conflicted with your actions and thoughts. However, when you play music, it acts as a way of expression. It helps you to communicate your thoughts and emotions. 

As a result, you will feel confident about yourself and relieved.

Art as a Detox Treatment

Art, i.e. drawing and painting plays another important role in combating addictions. It eases your detox period and helps you to stay balanced during these chaotic and turbulent times. Drug detox is a delicate period that could lead you back to addiction easily.

Employing art as a detox treatment method is very effective. Art therapy is a regenerative exercise and therapeutic experience that provides a stable basement for your recovery. It reduces the instances of relapse and keeps you centered on your sobriety goals.

Family Plays an Important Role in Detox Treatments

Family and friends play an important role in drug detox. In fact, they form a crucial support system for you during the detox treatment. Involving family in the music and art sessions has found better results in many of our clients. When the family support system joins and looks at how you play music or express your emotions through your drawings and paintings, it brings back the belief in you.

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