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What is Medically Assisted Detox?

Medically assisted detox is a medical intervention that safely manages the physical symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal. This process is completed in a controlled, clean and safe environment under the supervision of a medical team.

Medically assisted detox can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete. The time frame varies from person to person and will depend on a number of different factors, including (but not limited to) how long a person abused drugs and/or alcohol, any co-occurring medical or mental disorders, and the amount of the substance ingested each use.

Physical and Emotional Concerns

Your body will experience some physical changes as it adjusts to the certain substance(s) being removed from it. These are known as withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms will vary based on your personal circumstances and the drug that was abused, but some common physical effects are:

  • Intense cravings
  • Sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Addictive substances also change the way the brain processes emotions and interfere with its ability to regulate mood. During withdrawal, your emotions can be intensified, leading to potentially harmful thoughts and behaviors. Some emotional issues that may arise are:

  • Depression
  • Intense anger
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts

These physical and emotional concerns are best managed in a medically assisted detox facility where medical and clinical professionals can monitor your health. Nurses will administer medications to effectively taper down withdrawal symptoms until you’ve safely overcome them. Clinical staff will also offer therapeutic support to help you work through your emotional responses to detox and address any underlying issues as they arise.

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Advantages of Medically Assisted Detox

  • Safety: Drug and alcohol detoxification at home can be dangerous and unpredictable and we care about your well-being. One of the main benefits of medically-assisted detox is the safety it provides. You’ll be housed in a controlled environment with medical and clinical support available at all times, so you and your family can rest easy knowing you are well taken care of.
  • Comfort: We understand the discomfort of withdrawal, and at home, it may seem like giving in and using again is the only way to make it stop. At our medically-assisted detox facility, our compassionate staff will make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your detox program.
  • Peer support: At our medically-assisted detox facility, you’ll be surrounded by people who are going through drug and alcohol detoxification right alongside you. This supportive atmosphere provides ongoing encouragement and community during your time here.
  • Long-term success: As you progress through your detox program, we’ll begin inpatient addiction rehab services whenever possible to help you prepare for the next phase of your recovery. Early addiction support and rehab also increases your chances of a sustainable, lifelong recovery.

Introducing Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy

Detox alone will not lead to lasting change and it is just the first step in an addiction treatment plan. By introducing behavioral and cognitive therapy early on in the recovery process, we can help you address the underlying issues that may have caused or contributed to your addictive behaviors.

Many times people start using drugs and alcohol to mask psychological issues or trauma that they are not yet ready to deal with. Bringing those issues to light may be difficult and painful, but we want you to know that we’re not here to place judgment. In fact, many of our own staff members are in recovery, just like you. We really do understand what you’re going through and we want to see you through it.

Our main goal in introducing these behavioral and cognitive therapies early on is to empower you with knowledge, support and strategies to beat your addiction and truly heal your whole self—body, mind, and spirit. Briarwood Detox Center is proud to offer medically assisted detox services while also bridging the gap between detox and inpatient rehab.

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