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Join a Drug Detox Home

& Become the Best Version of Yourself

Are you a resident of Austin, Texas who is addicted to alcohol? If you are finding it hard to push through a week without resorting to alcohol or usage of drugs, then you are in a soup. Alcohol abuse and drug usage can be liberating in the short run but the practice becomes an unhealthy habit and soon before you could realize it, it could destroy your life. Both personal relationships and professional relationships.

If you are worried the same could happen to your life, no need to worry. You can join us at Briarwood Detox Center and reinvent your life. Before choosing your detox center make sure it has the following things. These are the primary factors one should check for finding the perfect drug rehabilitation center.

100 % Guaranteed Privacy

Drug detox is a sensitive issue and there could be impacts on your personal and financial well-being if the confidentiality and privacy of your life are not properly maintained. That is why, at Briarwood, we ensure to safeguard your privacy and keep the detox program details as a confidential treatment. It is safely covered with our doctor-client trust. 

Any detox center should protect your privacy and failing to do so can do more damage to your life than help you.

High-Quality Detox Treatment

At Briarwood, we provide the best healthcare possible for you and your recovery journey. Any addiction also requires the usage of medications that can reduce the dependence issues that you are facing. We have the best-trained physicians and psychiatrists looking after you. Experienced doctors know the correct dosage that can safely bring you back from addiction. The recovery journey is a slippery slope and it needs constant vigil and appropriate care for you to come out of the addiction. That is why Briarwood is one of the best drug detox centers that you can find.

Multi-Drug Detox Programs

Another important factor that you have to check before finalizing your detox program is the ability of the center to treat multiple drug dependencies. There are centers that only treat alcoholism. While, specialization is a good thing, those who face dependency issues are often affected by multiple dependencies and addictions. One of the most common such conditions is alcohol and nicotine dependence. 

Since the usage of cigarettes and alcohol is common and easily available over the counter, many people develop a dependency on the same. Similar to that others develop an addiction to prescription drugs, synthetic drugs, and other cannabinoids easily. So, if you choose a drug detox center for your recovery, it should be able to treat all these conditions.

Qualified Healthcare Professionals

Addiction is as much a psychological condition as it is a physical condition. So, you need qualified doctors who can take care of both aspects of the addiction. At Briarwood, we have the best-trained professionals to take care of your recovery.

If you’re ready to get help with overcoming your alcohol addiction, we offer alcohol detox programs in Austin, Houston, and Colorado Springs. Call (888) 857-0557 to speak with an admissions representative or contact us online today.

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