How to Combat Crystal Meth Addiction?

How to Combat

Crystal Meth Addiction?

Crystal meth is a very addictive substance that is being used by many people to get “high”. Unlike crack, another addictive substance crystal meth is a synthetic substance, meaning, it is not naturally grown or available, but made from a mixture of chemicals under laboratory conditions.

The growing number of societal problems are forcing people to consume this drug, mainly to escape their reality and enter a pleasureful state. Treatment for crystal meth addiction is hard, but not impossible.

At Briarwood Detox Center, we provide our patients with a slow recovery process through detox and counseling. If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from addiction to this illegal substance, contact us and let us help you.

Crystal Meth or Methamphetamine is High Potent & Addictive

The major problem with crystal meth use is that people could get addicted to it after using it for just once or twice. The reason for this is, that the substance affects the central nervous system and produces a powerful, euphoric high. The “high” lasts for a few hours and its users consume it in a binge pattern, every few hours.

Using this drug regularly can cause side effects such as severe weight loss, increased risk of infectious diseases like HIV, hepatitis B & C, dental problems, intense itching and skin sores, anxiety, confusion, memory loss, sleeping problems, and violent behaviors, paranoia, hallucinations, etc. In short, it affects your daily lives severely and it will have deep and long-lasting impacts on all aspects of your life.

However, not all is lost. With intensive in-patient care at Briarwood Detox Center, you can get back to your normal happy life.

Intensive In-Patient Care is Important

To combat crystal meth addiction, it is important you go through detox first. There are no chemical medications available for this addiction. Hence, flushing out the drugs from your body is the first priority. During detox, you will be provided with medications that treat the withdrawal symptoms of the drug, to combat physical pains and mental stress.

During the meth detox period, it is important that you stay as an in-patient. This will help you abstain from the drug and gain control of your habits gradually. After detox, you will be taught practices that will help you in sober living.

Outpatient Care Helps in Smooth Transition

Our outpatient program is an extension of your rehab treatment. You will reach this phase after completing detox treatments, and counseling sessions for sober living. In this phase, you will be required to visit the recovery centers periodically, to attend group therapy sessions with other rehab patients. The outpatient program’s main purpose is to give you continuity in your recovery practices.

Attending Hospital & Institution Meetings Can be Helpful

Another important treatment we have is to conduct Hospital & institution meetings. In this, you will attend group sessions with patients and counselors from other recovery centers and hospitals. This will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about addiction to crystal meth and ways to get out of the same. You will also learn that you are not alone in this and with effort, you can get out of it.

If you’re ready to get help with overcoming your addiction, we offer detox programs in Austin, Houston, and Colorado Springs. Call (888) 857-0557 to speak with an admissions representative or contact us online today.

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