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PCP (Angel Dust) Facts: Dangers and Signs of Abuse
Rhiannon McKinnon

PCP (Angel Dust) Facts: Dangers and Signs of Abuse

In the early 1990s, PCP became popular among high school and college students as a party drug. It’s also known as angel dust, hog, ozone, and rocket fuel. PCP is a dissociative drug that induces hallucinations, distorted sensory experiences, and an altered state of consciousness. Because it’s so unpredictable and unsafe, PCP is illegal to buy, sell or possess. If you suspect someone you love is using PCP, read on to learn more about the dangers of using this drug so you can take action to help them get treatment sooner rather than later.

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Drug Addiction
Shehan Karunaratne

What Is Angel Dust?

If you hear a friend or loved one mention “angel dust” in conversation, they might be talking about an illegal drug called PCP. In previous decades, PCP abuse was a big problem and it has slowly made a comeback. Becoming familiar with these terms can help you pick up on conversations about possible drug use.

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