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It does not take long for outpatient candidates to conclude that they need more than the treatment program to make better adjustments. It always appears as though everyone is merely trying to nod through sessions so they can hurry and continue with life. The counselors have an overwhelming number of extreme cases and only skim through helpful advice to give everyone a chance at recovery. Most people are desperate to transfer to sober living in Austin, Texas.

What to expect from a sober living in Austin Texas

Residents in sober living in Austin TX should follow specific regulations and rules to maintain sobriety and the home’s integrity. The majority, including the Hickory Wind Ranch, will have the following conditions for the sober houses and transitional living programs:


Residents often have the requirement to cover their rent. The good news is that the figures are typically affordable, and most people manage to make ends meet with their funds.


The pet-friendly sober living near Austin TX expects residents to have a strong sense of personal hygiene during the stay. The rule is only exempt for people with disabilities or illness. It is easy to clean up after yourself because we have ready resources at your disposal for use. Personal hygiene is a breeze because of the consistent water supply and helpful staff to support the process.


Some facilities offer group meals prepared by residents, while others expect candidates to prepare their meals. Meals in group formats still attract some form of responsibility, such as food preparation, cleaning, cooking, and shopping. It is common for chores to be on a rotating basis, so each has adequate exposure to each role.

Types of possessions

The sober living home is still a healing environment. We aim to extend the goal of the inpatient facility to a more spacey living facility. Therefore, you will not get the same amount of freedom you would at home or through an outpatient facility. Typically, we will do not allow medications that could cause addictions, alcohol, or drugs, but have flexible rooms for dogs that help with recovery.

Treatment process

The freedom-induced program has several treatment services. The particular treatment form depends on the substance disorder. We must help you maintain the treatment program so you can attain the fastest recovery.


The length of stay is variable and dependable on the patient and facility. The Hickory Wind Ranch’s bottom line is it does not have the design to sustain permanent residence. Some people stay there for months, while others reach their ‘aha’ moment within weeks. The facility allows candidates to leave at their convenience and may require that you return before the set curfew.

Visitors adhere to time restrictions so the residents can have the most peaceful stay. Married visitors are not an exception because the home may have other residents.

Qualified staff

Our qualified team helps with everything from ensuring you access amenities to helping you make crucial career strategies. The sober house in Austin has therapists who offer a variety of treatments, including life skill training. Call 512 598 5165 now to speak to a specialist to help you and your loved one get the best help in time.

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