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Rehab Center Nyc

Legacy Healing Center ranks as the best rehab center in NYC for a long list of reasons. Addictive behaviors and patterns can lead to potentially dangerous or deadly outcomes. At our facility, we offer a varied menu of treatment options and resources.

 One of the most popular programs at our facility is our medical detox program. Patients can safely detox from alcohol or drugs in a clean environment with medical supervision.

Some cases require the administering of medications to soothe the side effects of withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. Medications also may be administered to treat patients with underlying mental disorders.

Top Rehab Centers in New York for Drug and Alcohol Treatments

If you need addiction treatment in NY, consider Legacy Healing Center. We offer safe detox programs for men and women, as well as nutrition programs to promote wellness. The nutrition program considers the dietary needs of each client.

Every meal plan is designed to strengthen and cleanse the system while flooding the body with nutrients and vitamins. Organic juices are a hot commodity among current clients. At our facility, we believe it is just as important to treat the mind as it is the body.

A mentoring program is offered to give all clients someone to turn to in times of need. Sober coaches are on call twenty-four hours a day to provide emotional support during trying situations.

Our NYC rehab is equipped with onsite fitness equipment for anyone to enjoy. Off-site fitness programs are additionally offered to help build physical strength and mental focus. Career services are aimed to help clients get back into the workforce without facing relapses.

Getting back into the groove of a career is challenging without an entire support system. Not all New York City rehab centers cover all of the bases required to achieve an ideal state of wellbeing. Transitional assistance programs are in place to aid clients who completed our rehab treatments. Becoming independent is a new obstacle former addicts face upon their release from substance abuse treatment centers in New York.
Transportation Services, Medications, and Special Outings

We created our facility based on core values that focus on holistic alternatives for drug and alcohol treatments. Spirituality is part of the healing process for many of our patients at Legacy Healing Center. Individual and group sessions are offered to give patients the support they need to finish the program.

Transportation services are available to ensure clients get to meetings and the grocery store. People seeking treatment shouldn’t feel restricted by transportation problems. Community outings and activities are scheduled throughout the calendar year to demonstrate friendship and solidarity. Meditations are given to clients who have a qualifying addiction and mental illness.

Questions About Insurance or Treatments?

Our team at Legacy Healing Center is now available to answer insurance coverage and rehab treatment therapy questions. Call our customer service staff at 1-888-534-2295 to connect with an addiction counselor. Contact us to verify your insurance and discuss financial options. The road to recovery begins with you taking a single step toward a brighter tomorrow.  

Rehab Center Nyc

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