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Tabatha LaMere

Tabatha LaMere, RA Supervisor

Tabatha graduated from Ross S. Sterling High School in 2007 and is currently working toward an Associate’s degree at San Jacinto College. As the RA Supervisor, Tabatha manages the RA department and is the primary point of contact at our Houston detox center. She appreciates the way Nova Recovery Center provides hope to people who are struggling with addiction and the support it provides to its employees with education and leadership. In her spare time, Tabatha enjoys spending time with her children, attending concerts, and reading books.

Sharon Siverand

Sharon Siverand, Recovery Advocate

Sharon received her GED from Alvin Community College in 1979. She worked in accounting for over 35 years and spent a few years at a skilled nursing facility before becoming a member of the Briarwood staff in February of 2018. As a Recovery Advocate, Sharon admits clients upon their arrival, reviews all required documentation with them, inventories their belongings, and helps them get settled into their room. Throughout a client’s time at Briarwood, she serves as a consistent support figure, assisting with daily meditation, visiting with them, and ensuring that they are comfortable while they are progressing through their programs. Sharon describes herself as a people person, as she is a good listener and enjoys talking with people about their life experiences. In addition to being a homebody with her husband and dog Porkchop, Sharon enjoys saltwater fishing, going on daily walks, and attending her home church regularly.

Rita Kent

Rita Kent – IOP Counselor

Rita is a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. She has been in recovery for ten years and joined the Briarwood team in November of 2018 as an IOP Counselor. She knew immediately that Briarwood was the right place for her. Rita is also an avid history buff, loves Pink Floyd, and has several different hobbies, including traveling and playing classical piano.

Pamela Chambers

Pam Chambers – Licensed Vocational Nurse

Pam received her Certificate of Nursing from Houston Community College in 1998. She has more than 17 years of experience as a nurse in dual diagnosis and has spent two years treating patients who are recovering from addiction. As a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Pam admits and assesses clients during intake and provides the medical support they need throughout detox to successfully recover. She enjoys being a part of such a caring staff and the teamwork it requires to consistently meet the needs of Briarwood clients. When she’s not working, Pam likes to spend time with her family.

Dominique McMillon

Dominique Mcmillon – Nursing Supervisor

Dominique is from Decatur, Illinois and graduated from Macarthur High School. She completed her college education at Richland Community College and is a licensed practical nurse. She came to Briarwood with more than two years of addiction treatment experience and is passionate about helping others and making a difference in other people’s lives. Dominique is also a mother and spends her free time with her two children.

Laurel LeVrier

Laurel LeVrier
Laurel graduated from Lincoln Park High School in Lincoln Park, Michigan. Her career in the medical field first began back in 1990 at the Texas Medical Center’s Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, where she was secretary of the Baylor Perinatal Associates transport center team. She also spent two years at Kemah Palms Recovery, where she worked as the Human Resources Manager, Administrative Assistant, and the Safety Officer for all facilities. Laurel joined the Briarwood team in February of 2018 and prefers to spend her free time gardening and cooking.

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