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Houston drug detox center
Skipping detox can mean a relapse after all of your hard work. If you're ready to take the first step on the path to lifelong recovery from addiction, contact our Houston drug detox center for immediate placement into our program. There's not a better detox facility in the country than Briarwood Detox Center.

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rehab san Fernando valley



22560 Lassen St

Golden Road Recovery is known as a leading rehab in San Fernando Valley, rated high for programs that cover detox, residential treatment, and aftercare. Our upscale treatment center has private bedrooms and a myriad of life-enriching activities to help keep you on the right track throughout treatment.

Austin Addiction Recovery


Bridgeway Sober Living

1710 Evergreen Ave Ste B
(512) 598-4875

Long-term Austin addiction recovery begins at Bridgeway Sober Living. Our resources and support will enable you to avoid the temptations of life fresh out of rehab. You’ll gain new skills and maintain a connection that will prevent relapse while you transition to home life. Our sober living homes help you maintain sobriety for long-term freedom.

Christian Drug Rehab Centers Dana Point Ca


Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment
(855) 623-2328

Our Christian 12-step recovery principles can help make your drug rehabilitation and treatment program become more effective. You can experience this in at our Christian drug rehab centers Dana Point CA, like no other. Our Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment specializes in counseling and providing information as well as developing your individualized rehab program that represents your specific needs and promotes your spiritual renewal.

Drug Rehab Orange County


Safe Harbor House

25801 Obrero Dr Suite 2
Mission Viejo

Compare Safe Harbor drug rehab in Orange County with other treatment centers and choose the one that has the highest success history. At Safe Harbor, we’re focused on your future, even when you can’t see beyond the day at hand. Trust us to get you through detox and our best-in-class residential program. Safe Harbor House

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