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Alcohol Detox Houston

Alcohol detox is a more serious condition that most people tend to believe. It’s a chronic disorder, progressive in nature, and with long-term effects on your body, mind, and life’s quality in general. At Briarwood Detox Center, we offer alcohol detox in Houston for fast, safe, and comfortable recovery.

The dangers of self-detox

Most people resort to self-detox out of fear or shame of going to rehab. It is such a common problem that most individuals associate rehab treatments with drug addictions only, excluding alcoholism. Yet, alcohol addiction is just as dangerous and insidious in the long run, and the self-detox process is vastly ineffective. Not only that, but it can also threaten your health and life due to lacking experience and knowledge in the matter.

The most notable dangers of self-detox include:

  • Unforeseen and damaging drug interactions
  • Damaging side-effects
  • Increased withdrawal severity
  • The risk of developing an addiction to the medication supposed to help
  • The risk of relapsing multiple times, affecting your self-esteem and confidence, etc.

We have seen all these problems affecting many of our former patients before arriving at our facility. In the overwhelming majority of the cases, self-detox and self-treatments only make things worse, which is why we only recommend detoxing in a certified facility under expert supervision.

Detoxing in a rehab facility

The detox process is a critical part of the rehabilitation treatment, and it relies on medication plans and therapy to:

  • Eliminate the risk of relapse
  • Drastically reduce the withdrawal’s impact
  • Minimize addiction-related side-effects
  • Cleanse your body of any drug or alcohol-related components and toxins
  • Allow you to control your cravings and behavior more efficiently
  • Reset the normal functioning of the nervous system
  • Restore the brain’s chemical balance, etc.

Our alcohol detox in Houston is a critical phase in the recovery treatment, allowing you to begin the healing process and preparing you for inpatient treatment and subsequent recovery programs. If you need immediate detox services, you should contact our professionals for assessment and intake today. We offer high-end detox services in a controlled and safe setting where our experts will supervise your progress and tweak the treatment as necessary for maximum impact.

What comes next after alcohol detox?

As we’ve mentioned, the detoxification procedure is merely the first phase of the rehab process. The treatment continues with dual diagnosis treatment (for coping with additional mental health disorders like PTSD, anxiety, depression, mental traumas, etc.), inpatient care, and outpatient/aftercare services, depending on your needs and case requirements.

We realize that the detox procedure is the scariest one, especially for people who have never experienced anything similar. But what should scare you more is not going through it and letting addiction deciding your life’s course. If you’re struggling with withdrawal and alcoholism daily, we recommend alcohol detox in Houston for immediate recovery, stability, and sustainable sobriety over the years.

Contact Briarwood Detox Center, speak to one of our counselors, and let’s settle your case’s details today! You can begin the detox process as soon as you’re ready and turn your life around in less than 14 days.

Alcohol Detox Houston

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