Detox Center Austin

Detox Center Austin

If you’re dealing with substance addiction, our detox center in Austin can provide you with the treatment and relief you’re looking for. The benefits of detoxing at our Austin, TX, detox center are life-changing and include:

1. Overcoming the withdrawal

The withdrawal is keeping you from remaining sober over time, causing you to relapse after every attempt to quit your addiction. Most addiction victims struggle with this problem every day, and it breaks their spirit, confidence, and self-esteem in the process. We can help you overcome the withdrawal in a comfortable, safe, and controlled medical setting, where our professionals will assess and supervise your progress throughout the treatment.

You will only need around a week at our facility to fully detox and beat the withdrawal for good.

2. Safe detox with minimum discomfort

It’s no secret that attempting to quit your addiction, cold turkey comes with multiple withdrawal symptoms, pain, and physical and mental discomfort. Our drug and alcohol detox in Austin, TX, ensures maximum comfort during the procedure, as our experts use specific medication to minimize the withdrawal’s impact. This will lower the withdrawal symptoms significantly, allowing you to recover and heal faster and more effectively.

Since our experts will supervise the process for its entire duration, they are always ready to intervene and tweak the treatment depending on your reaction and progress.

3. Preventing short-term relapse

The chances of relapsing whenever attempting to quit cold turkey are extremely high. This will not only render your recovery efforts futile but will also take a toll on your self-esteem and confidence levels. Our Austin detox facilities ensure a fast and smooth recovery, preventing short-term relapse and ensuring sustainable sobriety. We achieve these results via targeted medication, inhibiting cravings, eliminating addictive behavior, and detoxing patients in a controlled environment.

The relapse risk will be zero since you won’t have access to any substances during the treatment.

4. Diagnosing and treating co-occurring disorders

Most addiction victims struggle with additional mental issues that worsen their situation and impacting their ability to recover and heal. We have the best detox for addiction in Austin, providing medical assistance and guidance to effectively help patients cope with their mental disorders. Our experts may recommend inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities for follow-up treatment, specializing in dealing with co-occurring disorders.

5. Long-term relapse prevention assistance

We know that completing our drug and alcohol detoxification doesn’t guarantee a sober, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle over the years. To get there, you need guidance, counseling, and personal development support along the way. You can get these services in our partner rehab facilities after completing our detox program. At our detox center in Austin, we know how to steer people on the right path towards a healthy, sober, and successful life over the years.

Contact Briarwood Detox Center at 832-850-4318 and tell our experts about your situation. We will perform a phone screening, allowing our clinicians to decide whether you qualify for our detox treatment or not. If you do, we’ll make an appointment, and you can begin the detox soon.

Detox Center Austin

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