Alcohol Detox Austin

Alcohol Detox Austin

For reliable alcohol detox in Austin, we recommend contacting Briarwood Detox Center today. Our detox and recovery program allows our patients to recover and heal at their own pace in a relaxing, safe, and controlled environment. Throughout the treatment, our professionals will be by your side, making sure you progress in the right direction.

Is alcohol detox safe?

The answer depends. If you plan on detoxing at home, no, it’s not safe. The risks are multiple, including:

  • Unforeseen and dangerous drug interactions
  • Severe withdrawal causing you to relapse
  • The risk of developing new addictions on the medication supposed to help you
  • Dangerous and even life-threatening drug side-effects
  • The inability to stick to the plan
  • Having no follow-up strategy, causing you to relapse eventually, etc.

These reasons show why we advise people against DIY detox alternatives that have no guarantees or safety nets. Our detox program avoids these problems by relying on a structured recovery system in a controlled and safe environment. Our Austin, TX, detox center is safe and reliable thanks to our clinicians’ knowledge, expertise, and continuous control and supervision during the detox process.

What to expect during alcohol detox treatment

If you’ve decided to begin the drug and alcohol detox in Austin, TX, congratulations, you’ve just taken the most difficult step towards sobriety. Not many people succeed in overcoming their denial, accepting their problem, and actively start to look for solutions. The process ahead of you is simple enough and consists of several steps:

  • Finding the right alcohol detox in Austin – Not all Austin detox facilities operate under the same quality standards. This means you need to find the right one to meet your needs. Our center ranks among the most popular, reliable, and modern in the business, with patient-oriented rehab programs, competent and qualified staff, and unparalleled long-term results.
  • Calling in – Pick up the phone, call, and undergo our routine screening process. Our experts will gather information about your situation to determine the right course of action moving forward. If you don’t qualify for our best detox for addiction in Austin, we’ll recommend adequate treatment; if you do, we’ll make an appointment for an on-site assessment.
  • Diagnosis and detox preparation – Our clinicians will assess your condition and plan the detox program accordingly upon arriving at our facility. It is a critical phase that allows our experts to adapt the treatment according to your medical and psychiatric profile and needs.
  • Clinical detox and dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis treatment refers to treating both your addiction and any mental issues linked to it. We do this using targeted medication plans, therapy, and counseling to ensure long-term sobriety and relapse prevention over the years.

These phases show why a structured alcohol detox in Austin like ours has the highest success rates over time. Our program ensures safety, comfortable recovery, and reliable long-term results, allowing patients to embrace a healthier and sober lifestyle as a result.

Call Briarwood Detox Center, and let’s analyze your case! Your addiction can worsen at a moment’s notice, so stop postponing and delaying your treatment! Call now, come in for diagnosis and medical assessment, and start the drug and alcohol detoxification treatment until it’s too late!

Alcohol Detox Austin

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